Namaste offers a variety of massage styles to suit your needs. A massage treatment helps an individual to relax and reduce tension in the body and mind. If you are suffering from an injury, stress, or aches and pains, a massage may help you find relief. Make an appointment.

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Styles of Massage:

  • Swedish

    Swedish is the most commonly known type of massage. It employs long gliding strokes and pressure point work.  It affects the nerves, muscles, glands, and circulation and promotes health and well-being. The careful attention to the amount of pressure makes Swedish massage great for relaxation.

  • Sports

    Perfect for the active person or athlete, to target specific muscle groups and joints. This massage may include pre-event techniques to encourage greater performance, lessen the chance of injury and and post-event techniques to assist muscle recovery time. Sports massage is also good for people with injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of motion.

  • Prenatal

    Prenatal massage can be given at any stage of pregnancy to help relieve discomfort and promote mother and baby’s well-being. Bolsters and pillows are used on the massage table to provide support and protection while the mother lies on her side. There are also support bolsters that boost her up so she may be on her back if it is comfortable and feels like an appropriate time during her pregnancy.

  • Therapeutic Deep Tissue

    In this type of massage the pressure will generally be more intense and more time may be spent focusing on a specific area. It provides exceptional relief for chronic muscle tension and is highly effective for stress reduction. It uses pressure point work, with integrated a cross-fiber technique and deep muscular pressure, to work the structure of the muscles, tendons and surrounding fascia. A variety of advanced massage techniques may be used depending what the client is in need of. This is our most requested type of bodywork.

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