Thermography, also known as Thermal Imaging or Infrared Imaging, is a painless, non-invasive way of visualizing the body’s heat patterns. These heat patterns tell a story about the body’s physiology. We utilize the top of the line digital infrared camera (by Flir  model T300) to see and record a “heat map” picture of the body and provide a color code and actual temperature data to show the temperature ranges. Thermography is an Adjunctive diagnostic procedure approved by the FDA for purposes of Breast Health Screening.

How it works:

The high-resolution thermal imaging camera displays temperature variations in the body.  It is especially good for bringing awareness to breast health because the breast tissue is normally cool (fatty tissue), and abnormalities can show up as heat or blood vessels that we can see with the sensitive equipment.  Heat is not always cancer though, it can be an injury or infection,  and tracking the breast health over time is the best way to know if the patterns are dissipating or getting worse.  Since thermal imaging measures the infrared heat coming from the surface of the skin, the skin must be exposed to the air and the camera. The client will disrobe from the waist up and acclimate to the room temperature for 10-15 minutes. We take approximately 12 images, including under anterior, posterior, oblique’s, and lateral images. The Radiologist then interprets the body’s symmetry, its vascularity, and compares to the previous exam, when applicable. Images are sent to an A.M.I.A Board Certified Thermologist who is a Diplomat and Fellow in Thermal Imaging, Dr Robert Kane, DC. You will always need to discuss other Breast Health Screening options with your doctor to see what other testing may be needed.  Thermography does not replace your mammogram.

Cost:  Initial Breast Exam $200, Repeats $175, Full Body Exams (Including Breast) $550.

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