Wanderlust yoga 2013

This year, Ann Marie will be teaching two classes at Wanderlust. The first is Understanding Shoulder Anatomy, which is perfect for anyone with a shoulder injury, or even those who sit all day at a desk and want to learn about proper posture. The second is Restorative Yin & Chakra Meditation, which is all about settling into some stillness and relaxing & restoring. Ann Marie couldn’t be more excited to be teaching at this inspiring festival again in the beautiful Sierras.  Space is limited, so please register here soon!


Understanding Shoulder Anatomy

Thursday, July 18th, 2013, 3:30-5:30 @Squaw Kids

Does your yoga practice sometimes feel like you’re doing more harm than good for your shoulders? Do you have a shoulder injury from a previous accident and would like to rehabilitate it in a healthy way? Do you sit a lot at work and wonder if your posture is healthy? Do you suffer from chronic neck and upper back discomfort? If you are curious about how to position yourself in a healthy way, then this class will give you the knowledge to help you learn and understand the functionality of your shoulders.
The first part of class will be a brief lecture on the anatomy of the shoulders with visuals. Then we will begin by breaking down suryanamaskara A with an emphasis on the shoulders. Following that we will move into other various poses and there will time for Q & A at the end of class.  More info and register now!

Restorative Yin & Chakra Meditation

Friday, July 19th, 2013, 4:00-5:30 @Squaw Kids

You might like to take some time during your festival weekend to relax and restore. This yin style restorative class might be the perfect opportunity to observe your body-mind connection. The poses will all be seated and some props will be brought in to help support you! Please bring any personal props you may have, as supplies may go quickly! Throughout the asana practice will we focus on various charkas and our practice will finish with a guided chakra mediation. Be still, observe, breath & experience the peaceful delight! More info and register now!